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 - Lesley Mc Call -





December 2018


"For Unto us A Child Is Born

 Unto us a Son is given;

 And the government shall be upon His shoulder,

 And His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor,

 Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."

I have seen the above verse written so many times on Christmas cards and am over awed to think that this was prophesied about Jesus coming into the world approximately 700 years before his actual birth in Bethlehem.  It is wonderful today to be able to look back and see for ourselves all that has "come to pass" and be uplifted spiritually by that knowledge.

Looking back over the past 22 years and seeing all that has been achieved at Iziko Lobomi, taking in all the trials and triumphs we have faced, is also a unique and uplifting experience.  I was reflecting with my friend and colleague Marion the other day that in the early days we helped to place 500 +people in jobs, took mothers to hospital to give birth when ambulances could not get there in time, saw the joy on people's faces when they mastered a new skill.  The list goes on and on, and so do the memories.  This letter goes out to you dear friend today to thank you for making those memories possible because of your loyal and generous support of Iziko Lobomi. We can truly say that we thank the Lord for you!

One last memory I would like to share with you is of a Christmas outing several years ago to the V & A Waterfront.  A large group of us was passing the outdoor arena and noticed that there were no artists performing on stage at that particular moment.  On a fun-filled whim our motley crew ascended the stage and gave an impromptu Xhosa song and dance, literally!  We left to the applause of the people sitting there who enjoyed our performance. It was not because we were polished or professional by any means but because they could see a diverse group of people laughing and enjoying one another, and all straight from the heart.

On behalf of everyone involved at the Centre and the Executive Committee of the HBCCA, I take this opportunity of wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas and a Peaceful and Joyous New Year - straight from the heart. 



Lesley McCall







28 May 2018


May the God who gives endurance and encouragement

give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow

Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and mouth you may

glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you,

in order to bring praise to God. For I tell you that

Christ has become a servant of the Jews on behalf

of God's truth, to confirm the promises made to

the patriarchs so that the Gentiles may glorify God

for his mercy, as it is written:

Therefore I will praise you among the Gentiles,

I will sing hymns to your name.

(Romans 15: 5-9)

It is a privilege to call ourselves children of God because of Christ's redeeming sacrifice and also in part because we live in a time of favour upon the Gentiles. This natural inheritance belongs to the nation of Israel which will be bestowed upon her once more when the time of the Gentiles is complete. The world is divided and there is much turmoil and unrest, the only hope of mankind is unity in Christ but our eternal hope is already secured for all believers in Jesus Christ. So what bearing does that have upon Iziko Lobomi?

Iziko Lobomi came into existence not because the government or local ruling party thought it would be a good idea but because God laid it upon the heart of people from this community that this Centre was needed. Through the power of the Holy Spirit the churches of Imizamo Yethu, of Hout Bay and Hangberg worked together to make it happen, in “unity”. A place, available to all, was built with the primary purpose of worshipping God in truth and also uplifting the people of the community. Whilst churches continue standing in the gap for the patriarchs the vision will remains the same.

The continued maintenance and improvements at the Centre remain under the visionary eye of Hennie Jacobs who has overseen every upliftment project from drawing board to finish. In addition to the Qunu coffee shop the Centre now boasts a state-of-the-art study room for students (with priority for pupils in Matric). The Study Room, which can accommodate 10 students at a time is spearheaded by the donations of Renč and Michelle Jacobs and Jamie Marshall (Gartner - USA) and also by the inspiration and perspiration of our intrepid Treasurer, Hennie Jacobs. Gartner SA sponsored two brand new desktop computers and printer. May I encourage those here this evening to take a look at the room before you leave for home. There are other projects in the pipeline according to Hennie but those, God willing, will be subject to next years AGM.

It is amazing to observe the people God places in position, sometimes just for a season, to accomplish His will and purpose. Sometimes I wonder how this building is still standing when I consider the natural disasters and at times even opposition we have had to the existence of the HBCCA, and yet here we still are. This is no individual person's Centre or institution's, it is the Lord's and thus it will remain whilst His glory remains our goal and purpose of being.

It is incumbent upon me as Chairperson to acknowledge with gratitude and praise those hard-working individuals who make the every day to day running of the Centre possible. You will hear reports from most of them, but by name I thank Marion Franke, Pakamisa Lucas, Bridgette Mangcu, and Nicholas Peres for their service and contribution to the successful running of this Centre. I have listed their names alphabetically as all four positions held are of great and appreciated value to the HBCCA. I must also extend our gratitude to the Kitchen and general cleaning staff as well as the ladies that faithfully run the Qunu Cafe.

Last but not least I am indebted to the executive members of the HBCCA management committee for their patience, endurance and long suffering during the decades that Iziko Lobomi has been in existence. I owe their wives and families a particular mention and note  of appreciation for the hours and hours that they have spent here at these very premises debating and deciding what must be done in countless situations. May God bless all who have been mentioned, in abundance, for their obedience to God and for using the gifts of wisdom and discernment that He has bestowed upon them.

Times are hard and there is every indication that they will get harder still, but we pray to our Lord and Father to help us keep our eyes on the vision He gave us and the strength to remain in His will, for the furtherance of His Kingdom and for His glory alone.

Lesley McCall


for and on behalf of the Hout Bay Christian Community Association.







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