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Winter Arrived in the Cape

Ten Pin Bowling with Christ Church Constantia

AGM 2024 - HBCCA Entering a New Era

High Hopes for Skills Training this Year

Iziko Lobomi's Solar Installation Became a Reality!

Hopscotch the In-game in Imizamo Yethu these days ;-)

Psalm1 Corner Phase 2 Completed!

A Sad Day for the HBCCA - Lesley McCall Called Home

Devastating Boxing Day IY Fire

Super Community Upliftment 2023!


















    In the NEWS  



Winter Arrived in the Cape















The Western Cape received its first snowfall on the mountains at the beginning of July. With the snow came very wet and windy weather to large parts of the province. Fortunately for Hout Bay, much of the rain was bearable, with less damage to properties than is usually the case. However, this is only the beginning and everyone is bracing themselves for the weeks ahead.

The good news of this weather is that most of the dams in the province experienced a significant rise in levels, which everyone is very grateful for.


'No winter lasts forever;

No spring skips its turn.'

Hal Borland





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Ten Pin Bowling with Christ Church Constantia




The HBCCA received an invitation from Christ Church Constantia to organise some Imizamo Yethu teenagers to join their youth on a bowling outing to celebrate Youth Day with them at Stadium on Main in Claremont on the 22 June 2024. It was on one of the wettest evenings so far this winter with rain coming down in buckets but that had absolutely no affect on the spirit of excitement experienced  by everyone that attended the event. The Bowling Centre was warm and cozy inside and everyone enjoyed it thoroughly.

Sarah Fenton form Christ Church was the person who took responsibility for this event and the HBCCA would like to thank her and her church for this kind gesture.

Partnerships with businesses, organisations and private individuals are invaluable to the HBCCA because it enables us to build strong relationships within the IY community and at the same time with our partners. These partnerships are the lifeblood of our Association and are the ingredient that gives it its soul.

Thank you Christ Church Constantia!

Click for more bowling... ;-)



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AGM 2024 - HBCCA Entering a New Era






The HBCCA Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday evening was a historical occasion in more ways than one. This was our first AGM without our beloved late Chairlady, Lesley McCall. Lesley held the HBCCA reigns for for almost 26 years.

At this meeting our vice-chairperson Pastor Ncedo Ndongeni was elected to fill her shoes as new Chairperson. Pastor Ndongeni has been a member of the Association for more than 20 years and is a well-respected Pastor among all the Hout Bay and Imizamo Yethu churches.

At the same time Bridgette Mangcu was elected as new Vice-Chairperson with Bishop Hisland Makenke that was elected as new Secretary.

This meeting was also the first AGM that Marion Franke could attend after her time in hospital the previous year. Marion does not serve on the MANCOM anymore but is one of the HBCCA's honorary members and still assist our office staff (Bridgette Mangcu and Andiswe Sibamba) with social and welfare matters when needed.

The HBCCA is in good hands with the Management Committee comprising of highly experienced and dedicated members. We wish them strength and guidance from our Lord for this big task they have signed up for!


HBCCA Executive Management Committee 2024 - 2026 Term

From left to right:

Pastor Ncedo Ndongeni (Chairperson), Andiswe Sibamba (Vice-Secretary), Hennie Jacobs (Treasurer),

Bishop Hisland Makenke (Secretary) and Bridgette Mangcu (Vice-Chairperson)

Not in picture:

Supporting Committee Members:

Bongani Xanxiwe, Bishop Morobo

Honoray President: Rev. John Frye






May God bless our new MANCOM!





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High Hopes for Skills Training this Year




The HBCCA wants to make a special effort this year to increase the numbers of people who attends our training courses. We have upgraded all our signboards to promote this training and the plan is also to start with a knock-n-drop campaign where fliers with invitations to our training will be delivered at the homes of residents during the day.

The residents of Imizamo Yethu is very privileged to have this training available, literally on the their doorsteps and within walking distance from their homes. Our job is to make sure that they know about this training and to make it as attractive and easy to attend as possible!


Ignorance is not bliss

Ignorance is no excuse






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Iziko Lobomi's Solar Installation Became a Reality!




The HBCCA received one of its biggest gifts in history earlier this year when we received the news from one of our long-time loyal supporters that a solar energy installation will be sponsored by her. For many years the HBCCA has been campaigning for sponsors for this project and then it happened!

This installation will now make it possible for us to keep the Centre's lights on at all times, 24 x 7 and at the same time, put a sizeable dent in our electricity bill every month. There are no words that can describe how much we appreciate this gift.


There is room for this new installation to be expanded and with three additional batteries (R30,000 per battery) we will be able to generate approximately 80% of the monthly electricity needed for the Centre. Our average monthly bill for electricity is R10,000.

Please let us know if you would like to to help with the expansion of our system!

Thank you very much Rene' Jacobs - ENKOSI KAKHULE !








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Hopscotch the In-game in Imizamo Yethu these days ;-)



When we took this picture the paint was still wet. One of the most colourful hopscotch patterns in the Western Cape, for sure ;-)

We still need to stencil numbers on and know that this space will be a popular place for many children to spend an afternoon of leisure in time to come!



"There can be no keener revelation of a society's

soul than the way in which it treats

its children."

Nelson Mandela







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Psalm1 Corner Phase 2 Completed!



With a second donation received from a local Hout Bay couple, Corne' and Lindie Lourens, in January '24, we have been able to do further work to the properties surrounding the 'Psalm 1 Corner'

These properties are situated on one of the busiest corners (Mandela Road and OR Tambo Road) in the Imizamo Yethu suburb. Thousands of residents, adults and school children, pass through this area everyday and there is no doubt in our minds of the positive and uplifting impact that this project of the HBCCA has on these people.

Several owners of homes in this area have already started cleaning and painting their units to match this development!







Thank you Corne' & Lindie Lourens'!


To view all our Community Upliftment Projects, click here...


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Lesley McCall Called Home












The 19th of January 2024 was a very sad day for the HBCCA when our beloved Chairperson, mother and grandmother lost her battle with breast cancer. Lesley was Chairlady for more than 20 years and left a legacy which will be hard to replace. Lesley was a warm, caring and affectionate person with unbound limits of patience. Together with this warmness she was also a good leader, a servant-leader that knew the importance of making everyone in her team feel appreciated and valued. Lesley had the ability to reflect a silent sense of authority in her decisions and actions which was respected by both friends and foes during her term.

The HBCCA were privileged to have been blessed by her loyalty and steadfastness over all these years. She will be dearly missed but the sweet memories of this special person will remain in the hearts of every person who served with her and crossed her paths.

Rest in peace dear Lesley, your memory will never fade!








At a meeting on Wednesday the 7th of February 2024, Pastor Ncedo Ndongeni (left)was asked to take over the role of acting-chairperson in Lesley McCall's place. He was the HBCCA's Vice-chairperson and his position will be confirmed at the Annual General Meeting in May. Other positions on the Management Committee will also be discussed and confirmed at this meeting.




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Devastating Boxing Day IY Fire






Six brick homes were destroyed late on Tuesday evening the 26th of Dec 2023. The fire started in a small wooden hut that was situated between two houses and due to a strong south-easter wind it spread to adjacent brick homes in a very short time. By the time the fire was put out by the local fire brigade, six homes were destroyed. to our knowledge, this was the first fire where brick homes were involved.

Nobody was hurt and aid was distributed to victims of the fire the next day from Iziko Lobomi.







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SUPER Community Upliftment 2023!






With regards to our Community Upliftment Programme, the HBCCA closed the year off on an exceptional high note. A generous donation received from Corne' and Lindie Lourens from Hout Bay made it possible for us to finish our 'Psalm 1 Corner' project we started more than a year ago including extensive changes to the shops and two residential properties further down Mandela road.

The HBCCA has been doing community upliftment projects for more than ten years and is a firm believer in the positive impact these projects have on Imizamo Yethu's residents - young and old.













Nosi and Bridgette, owners of two of the homes





Thank You Corne' & Lindie Lourens!


Enkosi Kakhule!







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Hout Bay, Cape Town

 South Africa