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Iziko Lobomi invited to Gartner Symposium ITxpo Cape Town


QUNU Cafe - Official Opening - What a Party!


Fire Victims Receive Help


Dontse-Yakhe - ravaged by Flames: AGAIN!


Dontse-Yakhe - Rising from the Ashes


Amazing Iziko Lobomi - Centre of LIFE !!!


Ravaged by Flames! - 11 March Imizamo Yethu Fire




    In the NEWS  



Iziko Lobomi invited to

Gartner Symposium ITxpo Cape town

Iziko Lobomi Centre received an invitation from Gartner SA to man an exhibition

stand at their annual Symposium event in the Cape Town International Convention

 Centre which was held from 17th to the 20th September 2017.

The support our staff received from the delegates was overwhelming and gave

our Centre valuable exposure to many corporations from all over South Africa and

the rest of the African continent.

Thank you Gartner SA - Enkosi kakhule!




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QUNU Cafe - Official Opening - What a Party!






The 25th of June was QUNU Cafe's big day and what a wonderful occasion this was.

Six months after the trial opening in mid Dec 2016, with more than a thousand

visitors from more than fifty countries later, it was time to celebrate the official opening.

It was also an opportunity for us to thank our sponsors officially without whose support this project would not have been possible.

Thank you to The Hout Bay Lions Club, Gartner Africa (Rene' Jacobs)

and Jacobs Legal (Michelle Jacobs)

The photographs below tell the full story...





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Fire Victims Receive Help

The total amount of R4,000 was received from caring private individuals -

local and abroad (Australia) to assist IY residents who suffered losses in the recent fires.

Here are some of the group of 19 people we were able to help.

A BIG thank you to the persons who donated this money!



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Dontse-Yakhe - ravaged by Flames: AGAIN!

Another fire broke out over the Easter weekend during the early morning hours

of Saturday 15th April. A person was cooking on an open fire and apparently fell

asleep resulting in burning down his house and tragically losing his life at the same time.

The fire spread to adjacent homes and by the time the Fire Department managed

to contain the fire about thirty homes were destroyed leaving another 150 people






We have created a Special Fund to assist people coming to Iziko Lobomi for help.

Our aim is to purchase fire extinguishers which

could be kept in homes to prevent future fires. Most fires can be stopped if early

effective means are available to combat the flames. Many times fires get out

of control during the time the Fire Department needs to arrive.

Limited means are available for residents to fight fires while waiting for help.

9kg Fire Extinguishers are currently sold at a local Hardware store at cost price.

The price for one unit is only R450.

Our aim is to raise enough funds for at least 100 of these units.

Please help us to enable us to help these people. all you need to do is to click

on the button below. All funds donated using this button will be used for this

project. Thank you very much in anticipation!




Current Exchange Rates: US $

Click this button to sponsor ONE fire extinguisher @ R450.00

(USD 34, GBP 26, EUR 31)

Current Exchange Rate: British





Click this button to sponsor TWO fire extinguishers @ R900.00

(USD 67, GBP 52, EUR 62)






Click this button to sponsor THREE fire extinguishers @ R1,350.00

(USD 101, GBP 78, EUR 92)



Should you wish to sponsor more than the options available above, please repeat the payment process

till you have reached your number.







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Dontse-Yakhe - Rising from the Ashes

The Dontse-Yakhe residents are slowly rebuilding their homes

and lives. These pictures were taken three weeks after one of

Imizamo Yethu's most devastating fires...




The HBCCA has established a fund to assist people from this community in the

rebuilding of their homes.

Contributions will be much appreciated. The easiest way will be to do it via

our PayFast facility.

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Amazing Iziko Lobomi - Centre of LIFE !!!

Pictures that tell Iziko's story - all taken in one week...

Wednesday 8 March 2017 - Youth Evening Meeting

Friday 10 March - Church Service

Saturday 11 March - Disaster relief Centre


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Ravaged by Flames! - 11 March Imizamo Yethu Fire

The never-ending cycle of fires  in our community are continuing and this time it cost

the lives of four people which included a family of three (father, mother and child of 2).

A fire broke out in the early morning ours of Saturday in an area called Dontse-Yakhe which

comprise of only shacks (temporary shelters built of wood and corrugated iron sheets).

By the time the fire was put out Saturday afternoon, more than 2,000 homes were

destroyed leaving more than 10,000 men, women and children homeless.

These people all streamed to Iziko Lobomi to register their losses with the

Council and to receive basic aid items and food distributed at the Centre. This

process continued for two days after which aid distribution moved to a nearby

sports field where two large tents were erected to provide shelter for the affected


Rebuilding of homes have already started and after a week approximately 20%

of the burnt down structures have been rebuilt with building material supplied

by the City of Cape Town.

These people will be needing help and assistance for many weeks to come and

donations for aid can be sent to a local organisation Thula-Thula at the following

address: www.thula-thula.org




Areal view of Dontse-Yakhe area affected by the fire

(photograph from Carte Blanche programme on M-Net TV broadcasted on 19 March 2017)




Devestating fires continued for more than 12 hours

(Photograph from Carte Blanche programme on M-Net TV broadcasted on 19 March 2017: Photographer Justin Sullivan)







Iziko Lobomi - registrations and emergency aid distribution venue


SABC News Bulletin


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Hout Bay, Cape Town

 South Africa