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First Cape Town Tourism Training for our two Qunu Cafe Ladies

Positive Signs for the New Season

The HBCCA qualified for membership of Cape Town Tourism!


With Gartner's Help Tebo is Expanding His Business


Herschel Girls Visit Iziko Lobomi!


EXTRAORDINARY TEAMWORK Makes a Plan Comes Together


Flying Start Launch for new Study Centre





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    In the NEWS  



First Cape Town Tourism Training

for our two Qunu Cafe Ladies





Thursday the 15th of November 2018 was Feziwe Petelo and Sylvia Mgobhozi's

 big day at the Holiday Inn Hotel in central Cape Town.

They have been invited to attend a

full day SERVICE TRAINING session arranged by Cape Town Tourism.

The aim of the training was to equip staff with the skills needed to develop friendly and

 efficient service standards to enable them to create memorable experiences for visitors

 to our city.

The topics covered in the training was:

* Team Work in the work place – your role to be part of an effective team

* Communication skills in tourism – effective simple use of words

* Making conversations when no one is talking

* Importance of positive impressions - Grooming

* How to grab and keep the customers attention – exceeding their expectations

* Dealing with difficult situations and conversations

* Leadership without being in charge – positive attitude always wins

* How to ‘WOW’ our visitors – stand out and make a difference

* Reducing the guest’s frustration

* Managing your own stress

This training was Feziwe and Sylvia's highlight of the year and they came

back motivated and inspired to 'WOW' all future visitors to

Iziko Lobomi!

A BIG thank you to Cape Town Tourism!



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Positive Signs for the New Season

After a good rainy winter, Cape Town's dam levels are almost back to normal and

all the signs are showing that the word has spread to our foreign visitors who are slowly

 beginning to trickle back in encouraging numbers.

A slight increase in visitor numbers to Iziko Lobomi was already noticed in September

and we were looking forward to see what the case would be in October when

spring would officially kick in.

Well, the month of October did not disappoint and we saw

an encouraging increase in the number of visitors right from the beginning of the month.

The weather also played a big role with many sunny, wind-still days to enjoy.

These visitors to Iziko Lobomi make it possible for the HBCCA to give employment

to two previously unemployed mothers who are now able to make valuable contributions

in the care of their families at home.

Entries in our Visitor's Book is prove of how much our Centre means

to these visitors and we are proud that we can also play a role in giving them

a unique opportunity to see firsthand how our community live and operate.


Welcome back to all our Visitors - local and abroad!







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The HBCCA qualified for membership of

 Cape Town Tourism!




'The work you guys do there is amazing,  the Iziko Lobomi centre is nothing but the fountain of hope for the community. I came back hopeful for the country and I truly believe that through tourism the lives of poor South Africans can be turned around.'

Ayanda Khumalo, Cape Town Tourism - 24/10/2018


On the 4th of October 2018 the HBCCA received the good news that our application

to become a member of Cape Town Tourism has been approved.

Ever since the opening of our Qunu Cafe

coffee shop it was our goal to one day apply for membership but we needed time to

grow our business and facilities first before applying for membership.

Well, all our hard work and dedication to deliver a professional, authentic experience

to our visitors has paid off.

Not only will this membership connect us with the large family of businesses

and organisations serving our city's visitors but will we also be able

make our contribution in maximizing the experience of these visitors,

contribute towards enriching their lives and give them lifelong memories

to cherish and share with their families and friend on their return and


at the same time be ambassadors for our beautiful country and city.


It indeed feels good to be on Board!



We were honored to receive a visit from Ayanda Khumalo (centre) from Cape Town Tourism on Thursday 18th of October 2018. She was very impressed with the Centre and overwhelmed to see all the activity at Iziko Lobomi.

Ayanda is joined by Feziwe Petelo (left) and Sylvia Mgobhozi (right), our two Qunu Cafe Hospiality Receptionists. These two women are scheduled to go for their first Cape Town Tourism training in November and are very excited at the prospect of going and can't wait!

Kamwedo Mcdonald gave one of his Township Paintings to Ayanda as decoration for her office.





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With Gartner's Help Tebo is Expanding His Business



Tebo Backward who has been running the Iziko Lobomi Computer Room for

the past thirteen years and who has trained many hundreds of children and adults in computer skills

over these years has just added another critical, much needed service to his offerings.

Shortly after the opening of the Iziko Lobomi Study Centre, Tebo decided to

make use of this new facility by providing an after school service for primary school children.

At the beginning of August 2018 Gartner SA gave Tebo the good news that

they would provide monthly funding for a fulltime person to assist children making use

of the new Study Room with their homework.

This kick started Tebo's idea to recruit more children in the community resulting in him

appointing another fulltime assistant and upgrading a second room made available to him by the


The excitement among the children coming to do their homework in the afternoons are tangible.

Each afternoon before studies start, the children are given a drink and a sandwich. This

and the cost of his extra assistant is funded by the fee that he charges to the parents for this service.

Tebo has a real teacher's heart for the children and the HBCCA is immensely proud

of the excellent services that he provides for our community's children.

Well done Tebo and thank you Gartner SA!





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Herschel Girls Visit Iziko Lobomi!

28 + 30 August 2018

We were privileged to host two groups of girls this week at Iziko Lobomi.

 This was part of their yearly Enrichment Programme at their school.

This visit was very special for everyone at Iziko Lobomi and we are sure that

lasting impressions and bonds, on both sides, were made during this time!

Come Again Girls!




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Makes a Plan Comes Together








Our Lecture Room / Play School Project which was launched exactly twelve months ago became a reality last Friday on the 3rd of August 2018 because of an ABSOLUTE EXTRAORDINARY team effort from our supporters - both local and abroad.

Six main sponsors made one of the biggest upgrades in our Centre possible and the end-result speaks for itself!

Donations from as far as Australia (Oscar and Phyllis Visagie), the Netherlands (the Prins family) and the United Kingdom (Super Team - Natalie, Rosanna and Chloe) together with local donations from the St. Peter's Anglican Church and longtime loyal supporters Rene' and Michelle Jacobs, Gartner SA and the many willing and hard-working men from Imizamo Yethu.

Only the future will tell of the number of men and women, young and old, whose lives will be impacted positively by this new facility.

The pictures below will give you an idea of the full extent of this project and how it came to pass, but to truly appreciate it, we recommend that you undertake to come and see it in real life and see the real people using it and benefiting from it.

Thank you again to all of our sponsors for your priceless contributions!



Enkosi kakhule!






The first job was to strip the existing timber floors out and then to prepare for the casting of concrete


Even our caretaker Nicholas Pere gave a helping hand

Ebrahim and his men screeding the floor


Nico Newman from KBAC Flooring coming to take his measurements


Francois Joubert from Constantia built and installed the TV Cabinet


Two brothers, Ishmael and Gladstone Ndude did most of the paintwork. Their father, Ben who died a number of years ago was a founding member of the HBCCA and also helped with the paintwork during the erection of Iziko Lobomi in 1995/6


Many willing hands were needed to lift the suspended ceiling into position


Gartner SA sponsored the TV Cabinet and Smart TV


Archbishop Nicholas Ndude was given the honour to officially declare the Lecture and Play Room open. He was followed by singing committee members, staff and volunteers.

Norman, Hennie and Gladstone

At last back in our room again!  


The SUPER TEAM from the United Kingdom

Natalie Smith and her two friends Chloe Griffiths and Rosanna Bryan from the United

 Kingdom proved that raising funds for Iziko Lobomi's Play School is not for the faint hearted!

The three of them ran almost 22 kilometers and raised the huge amount of R20,000

 towards costs for the upgrade of the Play School. Marion Franke, (HBCCA's secretary), is

 Natalie's aunt and Natalie became aware of the need for a much needed upgrade of the

 Play School children's room on a visit to the Centre earlier this year.

What can we say? This effort is so heart-warming and words cannot properly describe

 how much this type of sacrificial giving means to us at the HBCCA.

Thank you very much and may God bless each one of you richly!


From left to right: Rosanna Bryan, Natalie Smith and Chloe Griffiths




Are you one of our 'Helping Hand Partners' yet?

If not, PLEASE consider becoming one.

R100 per month is all you will need.

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Flying Start Launch for new Study Centre



The Launch and Official opening of the new Study Centre took place on

Friday evening the 15th of June 2018. Two thousand flyers were distributed at

five schools in Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg during the week.

Learners were encouraged to take

part in a Study Centre competition with 24 prizes valued at R2,200

The drawing of the prizes took place during the Launch event.

Despite the cold weather more than 50 children attended the evening during which

a motivational video was shown. Tips on effective studying methods

 were shared with them and in particular the 'PQRST' studying method was explained

 together with a practical hands-on exercise.

In the week preceding the launch more than fifty learners registered as users of the

Study Centre. The next week several learners started using the facility in

the afternoons which was very encouraging to us




Mcaciso Sivuyisiwe

Disa Primary School

The first three registrations    




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Iziko Lobomi's Latest Addition - our own Study Room!  

A new milestone was reached this week (28 April 2018) with the completion of a Study

 Room for school learners and students. For a long time the HBCCA was aware of the

 great need for a quiet place, close to homes, where children and students could

come to do their school homework and also study for tests and exams.

This room will be open from Monday to Saturday from 7h00 to 20h00 and

has two brand new computers which will be connected to the Internet

permanently and which will be available to students

for online research (free of charge).

This Study Room is one more facility (like many others in this same Centre)

 that has the potential to have lasting, life-changing impacts

 on children and students, not just from this generation,

but for many generations to come.


From the bottom of our hearts, we would like thank the following

 sponsors who made this facility possible for us:

Rene' and Michelle Jacobs

Jamie Marshall - Gartner USA

Gartner SA (computers)


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use

to change the world"

Nelson Mandela


  High Dropout Rate in SA's School System 

  '... less than 50% of learners who enrolled in 2002 have written 

  final Matric exams in 2014.' 








Our next project: Lecture Room...


The Blessing of Giving


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Hout Bay, Cape Town

 South Africa