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HBCCA Governing Body Year End Dinner

Gartner YES Employment Programme Completion 

'Welcome to Imizamo Yethu'

'SOCIAL IMPACT AWARD - 2019' Results

UBUNTU - I Am Because We Are

'Iqhawe-Lama-Qhawe' - Nelson Mandela

Mandela Road Pavement Upgrade

Mandela Road Pavement Upgrade

Beloved IY Elephant Gets Her Facelift!

Community Upliftment Project - Phase 2

Shoe Cleaning - In Style!

Our First Learning Centre Graduate!

Visiting Friends from Abroad

Ambitious Community Upliftment Project

First Evening Training Classes very Popular

Positive New Year Beginning for Learning Centre

Gartner YES Youth Group going on their first outing







    In the NEWS  




HBCCA Governing Body Year End Dinner


After two years of not being able to have a year-end outing, the Governing Body

and Staff managed to pull it off this year with the help of a local donor.

A very enjoyable evening was spent at the Culture Cafe & Grill at Midpoint Centre

in Hout Bay.

Serving on the Governing Body and working as staff member come with much

 hard work and big responsibilities and it was very pleasing to see these

men and women enjoying a relaxed evening in each other's company

 - with some delicious food at the same time!









From left to right:

Lesley McCall (Chairperson) Bridgette Mangcu (Vice Secretary and Office Administrator)

Feziwe Petelo and Sylvia Mgobhozi (Qunu Cafe staff)

Marion Franke (Secretary and Welfare Worker)

Cameraman - Hennie Jacobs (Treasurer)




From right to left:

Pakamisa Lucas (Kitchen Manager), Archbishop Nicholas Ndude (Board Member)

Bongani (Founding member), Griffiths Mketo (Vice Chairperson)

Ncedo Ndongeni (Board Member), Nicholas Pere (Centre Caretaker)

Marion Franke (Secretary and Wellfare worker)







2019... What A Year!!



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Gartner YES Employment Programme Completion





The Gartner SA sponsored Youth Employment Service (YES) programme which commenced

on the 1st of January 2019 came to its end on Friday the 13th of December.


The seven participants that finished the programme were (from left to right):

Asiphe Krishe, Kamva Melani, Menzi Mgobhozi, Matthews Simayele,

Nosipiwo Sotashe, Zandile Sikwana and Mackson Dani


The YES employment initiative was launched by President Cyril Ramaphosa in 2018

to improve young people's prospects of finding employment and that would

also help build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.


The salaries totaling more than R300,000 for this 12-month period was sponsored

by Gartner SA. Gartner SA has been an anchor partner of the HBCCA for more

than two decades. Their extraordinary contributions over these years are proof that

they understand that their business operations cannot be performed in isolation

 to the social needs of the communities in the areas in which they operate.


During this time the women participants got exposure in different types of jobs

in coffee shops, a boutique hotel, tourist reception desk, office administration, etc. etc.

Some of the men did intern work at a local plumber, garden service contractor,

a plant hire company and local stationery store. A large portion of the men's

time was also spent on Community Upliftment projects in Imizamo Yethu.


The participants started their year with a three-day Customer Care Training course

followed by a three-day Computer Literacy training course.

They were also required, throughout the year, to do online studies for

Certificates and Diplomas in the Iziko Lobomi Alison Learning Centre.


The feedback from all the participants were extremely positive and there

is no doubt that these men and women will go into the New Year with renewed

confidence in their capabilities and renewed hope of being able

to favourably impress potential employers in future.





A BIG Thank You to Gartner SA!



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'Welcome to Imizamo Yethu'






One of our last  Community Upliftment projects for this year was this Welcome Sign not far

 from the Cape Town City Sightseeing bus stop. More than 2,000 tourists walk past this

point every year and was in a desperate need for some serious TLC. Three of our YES-men

worked tirelessly for almost three weeks to transform this embankment into a lovely

'green welcome' for all our future visitors.




In conjunction with this project we also decided to upgrade some nearby areas

which are all on the township walking route. The end result speaks for itself!







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'SOCIAL IMPACT AWARD - 2019' Results




The video that accompanied our submission...



Cape Town Tourism held their Annual General Meeting last night

(23 October 2019) in the glamorous Cape Town International Convention Centre.

During this occasion various awards are issued to enterprises and organisations

serving and treating the thousands of tourists who arrive on our shores every

 month (more than 5 million in 2018)


The HBCCA made a submission for the 'Social Impact' award and had to

submit answers to the following two questions:



What was the community need that your program/project met?

This was our answer...


What community program/projects are you doing now that will
benefit the community in future?

This was our answer...     Photographs


BREAKING NEWS RESULT - unsuccessful unfortunately

We were super-positive that we may have stood a good chance to win

this award. To say that we were very disappointed, is a real understatement.

The realities are that Iziko Lobomi, from a tourist-attraction point

of view, is still a very small fish in very big pond with some serious

players with mega-million budgets, facilities and resources.

We may not be the biggest but we surely give our local and foreign

visitors a unique, authentic experience of a typical South African

township with a unique NPO, running a unique Community Centre

making some real 'Social Impacts' in a very special community!


Anyhow, we enjoyed participating.

The judges have made their decisions,

(and that is final)

 but we'll let YOU have



Hennie Jacobs and Bridgette Mangcu represented the HBCCA








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UBUNTU - I Am Because We Are





'Ubuntu' is unique to the people of southern Africa.

In essence the word describes the way people care

and treat each other in their daily living.

It is all about how people connects with

each others and how, when one is in

need, the other will spare no effort or resource

to help and relieve the person in need.

We experience this almost on a daily basis

in Imizamo Yethu and what makes it so

special is that 'Ubuntu' is not just happening

between fellow black people but also now,

with Apartheid out of the way, between black and

white people as well.



Marion Franke, the HBCCA's welfare worker for more twenty years, is a

practicing, living example of what the Ubuntu spirit is all about.

Some of us call her 'The Mother Theresa' of

Imizamo Yethu.

We decided a little while ago to depict this special

African quality in a graphic on the side of a nearby house's wall

 opposite Iziko Lobomi. We used this opportunity

to give this house some much needed TLC at the same time.

This stencil graphic also pays tribute to the many years of selfless,

caring and loving service that Marion has poured out

in the community over the years!






Without the help of our dear friend

Kim Danny from Digital Pod in Maitland

(082 557 28600 none of this work would have been possible.

Danny has a state of the art laser cutting

machine in his workshop where stencils

of all sizes and shapes are cut for us.

Thank you Danny!








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'Iqhawe-Lama-Qhawe' - Nelson Mandela





We are so privileged in South Africa to have a person

like former President, Mr Nelson Mandela as a role model for young

and old in our nation. Indeed, one of the greatest leaders

the world has ever seen.

Every year on the 18th of July his birthday is celebrated and the HBCCA

decided that 2019 was the year to make this global icon of peace,

freedom and social justice more visible to the people living in Imizamo Yethu and

the general public.

On the 18th of July we stenciled two large images of his face on the

 walls at the main entrance to IY.

We also used the opportunity to tidy up the surrounding homes. All of this

 work was made possible by generous donations received from two local,

very loyal anchor supporters.

Our message with Mr Mandela's face was in honour of his

great legacy:


Best of the Best - One of a Kind!


'Everyone can rise above their circumstances

and achieve success if they are dedicated

to and passionate about what they do!'

Nelson Mandela




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Mandela Road Pavement Upgrade



For many years the community had to face this badly neglected

pavement in the heart of their township. Little did we as HBCCA know that

we ourselves would one day be able to do something about this sad


The one end was used as an illegal dumping point of any imaginable

type of waste. From old furniture and carpets to everyday

 household waste, sometimes in refuse bags and often in no bags at all.

The photographs below tell the full story.

With the help of our hard-working Gartner SA YES-men we started

to clear and level the pavement from the one side and slowly

worked towards the dumping area. The local council's office also did

 their part by removing more than six truck loads of rubbish

 from the dumping area. The whole upgrade operation took

more than two months.

We did not think that we would be able to convince the community,

after the clearing and cleaning up operation, to stop their usual dumping.

To our utter amazement, they immediately stopped dumping on this site.

Many thanked us for cleaning it for them and many expressed

their willingness to help keep it clean.

We have planted seven palm trees and installed six benches

where people can sit in the sun and relax.

There is no doubt in our minds that this will be a very

popular 'pavement park' among old and young, to be enjoyed

for many years to come!







This community upliftment project confirms again that...

Where there's a will,

There will always be a Way!



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Beloved IY Elephant Gets Her Facelift!







The restoration of Imizamo Yethu's beloved elephant was one

 of the HBCCA's most enjoyable community upliftment projects to date.

Phase 1 of the restoration work started more than a year ago

after which it was put on hold due to a lack of funds.

The project was published on our Projects-page with requests for

funds to complete it. Earlier this year we received a donation from

one of our supporters which got the ball rolling again.

With the help of one more donation we were able to complete the

restoration and the final result speaks for itself!!

Several people's contributions helped making this restoration

a reality. Michelle Jacobs was instrumental in finding two tusks in a

Port Elizabeth antique warehouse and she also spent a valuable

number of hours on Easter Monday helping with the paintwork

on the walls behind the elephant. Two volunteers from

the Netherlands, Martin and Tim Pastoors spent several

enjoyable days working with us as well. Two local men, Matthews and

Sonwabile from the Gartner SA YES-team worked tirelessly throughout

the whole project.


For more information on the origins of this special elephant

and the team that brought her to Imizamo Yethu, please click here...


'Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!'

(John Maxwell)



Thank You Everyone!




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Community Upliftment Project - Phase 2



David and Lesley Mills from the UK and the Prins-family from the Netherlands -

Project sponsors


Earlier in the year we cleaned the badly neglected property next

to Iziko Lobomi. With the help of donations received from two families

David and Lesley Mills from the United Kingdom and the Prins-family

from the Netherlands we have installed two concrete benches

and planted some much needed grass in the past week (3 April 2019)

This is very exciting project because on the same day we

did this we received a request from the two ladies running the

Panda Play School at Iziko Lobomi to please also erect some swings

for their kids!

This will be our next phase and we can't wait for the new grass

to establish and for the swings to come into operation.

Green space for relaxation is very scarce in

Imizamo Yethu and this area will most certainly be much

enjoyed by young and old in the future!


Thank You Guys!




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Shoe Cleaning - In Style!


One of Sisa's first (happy) customers!

Over the years, Iziko Lobomi has been a springboard

for many budding, creative and innovative entrepreneurs.

One of the most famous ones is the now successful,

and world-renown Original T-Bag Designs company that

started their first operations on a couple of wooden trestles

and a house-door as working top in Iziko Lobomi almost twenty

years ago.

Our latest entrepreneur, Sisa, opened his door for business

last month: Sisa Shoe and Jacket Cleaning Services.

There was keen interest in his service right

from the first day and we all hope that he will

be prosperous and successful!


Good Luck Sisa!



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Our First Learning Centre Graduate!

2019 has truly been a year of 'FIRSTS' !

On the 14th of January this year we had our first evening classes in our

new Lecture Room and on Wednesday the 13th of March 2019

we had our first student, Sonwabile Ndlumbini, that earned an online

 Certificate in 'Construction Safety' through the online Alison College.

He was assisted by our full-time Learning Centre assistant, Asiphe Krishe.

Both of them are part of the 2019 Gartner SA YES-team.

This college was recommended to us by Kat Thorne from

'The Commonwealth Education Trust' based in London. Kat is the Head of

of Learning and Educational Development and visited Iziko Lobomi in April

last year after a friend, Karlo Hendriksz from First Plan Town Planners,

 referred her to us.



Kat Thorne - The Commonwealth Education Trust   www.cet1886.org


When she visited Iziko Lobomi our Learning Centre was still 'under construction'

and she recommended that once completed, we should consider

 encouraging adults to make use of Alison.com which is very popular

throughout the world and particularly in other African countries.

With computers donated by Gartner SA it is possible for adults, through

Alison.com, to study and earn earn Certificates and Diplomas in nine

different fields which include:

Health, Humanities, Science, Marketing, Business, Language,

Information Technology, Lifestyle and Mathematics.


A Team Effort All the Way!

We have said it so many times in the past twenty three years that

 everything about Iziko Lobomi evolves around TEAMWORK.

Dedicated, caring men and women, dedicated organisations and churches,

dedicated businesses - local and abroad, all played their roles (and still do) in making

this facility a reality and enabling the HBCCA to be able to offer these invaluable

services and opportunities for the community of Imizamo Yethu.


All we can say as HBCCA Management Board is:




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Visiting Friends from Abroad

We were privileged to receive visits from our very special friends

from Australia and the Netherlands in the past two months.

Our friends from Melbourne, Australia, Oscar and Phyllis Visagie have been

loyal friends and supporters for more many years already.

They played a crucial role in raising funds in Australia for our

Patricia Wood Memorial care rooms which was inaugurated in 2007.

They also contributed towards the Play School upgrade at the end

of last year. Oscar and Phyllis were joined by their local family which

made for a most joyous time together.

Our other friends were the Prins-family from the Netherlands.

They visited Iziko Lobomi for the second time after their

first visit in 2018. They were co-sponsors of the upgrade

 of the Play School room which was finished

in October last year.

They surprised Tebo with a backpack full of stationery

for his after school children!

Thank you very much guys!



Oscar and Phyllis Visagie (left) with their family

Prins-family with their stationery gift displayed on Tebo's study room table






Nicole Richie




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Ambitious Community Upliftment Project




AFTER! ;-)

The HBCCA has tackled one of their most ambitious community upliftment

projects at the beginning of January. After six grueling weeks the project

was completed by the four dedicated, hard-working

Gartner SA YES proramme men.

For a long time we were eager and keen to do something about the

fire damaged house adjacent to our property. Rubble from the burnt down

house spoiled the front lawn of this house and loads of rubbish

 and garbage were spoiling the inside and outside areas around

the house and were in urgent need of attention.

As soon as the rain season starts, and the building is still unoccupied,

 attention will be given to areas covered with lawn and will be serviced by

 our garden service contractor together with Iziko Lobomi's gardens.

We hope that by the end of the year a nice green area will be available

where children can play and adults can relax.

This property belongs to the ANC-party and our involvement is purely

a gift and contribution to the community.



Three of the four men that worked tirelessly

for more than six weeks on this project - from left to right:

John Hendricks, Matthews Simayele, Sonwabile Ndlumbini

and absent Siphoxolo Taythumpu.

Thabane Matyitilili also made a contribution the first three

weeks before he had to leave the group to continue his








Are you one of our 'Helping Hand Partners' yet?

If not, PLEASE consider becoming one.

R100 per month is all you will need.

It is easy and quick to sign up...




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First Evening Training Classes very Popular



The first evening training sessions commenced on Thursday evening the

 14th of January in our new Lecture Room. The response from local

residents was overwhelming with 23 men and women that attended

 the first two evening sessions of a four-week training

course in Customer Care.

Several enquiries have already been received with requests for

 a repeat next month. To the HBCCA's management this is so encouraging

 because for many years the dream was to be able to offer this type

 of service to our community and now this has become a reality at last!




A BIG Thank You

 to all our sponsors that

helped us to make this facility possible last year!





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Gartner YES Youth Group going on their first outing



The eight youths from the Gartner SA Youth Employment Service (YES)

programme  went on their first outing on Saturday the

19th of January 2019. They went up at the back of Table Mountain

to see where four of South Africa's oldest dams are situated.

The HBCCA has been given the responsibility to train and present a

 range of employment opportunities to these men and women

for the next 12 months.


They are all from the local community and the aim is to enhance their

CVs with experience that will make them prime candidates for

new jobs they will apply for after completing this programme.






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Positive New Year Beginning for Learning Centre

Our Learning Centre started the year with its first two-day training course

for nine people. Everyone are so excited at the potential of this facility.

Our first evening training sessions are also scheduled for the 24th

 of this month.

We have also started capturing data from residents this week. People

 were literally queuing to give us their details. Everyone are so keen

in receiving training that can help them in their current jobs or help

them making their CVs more attractive for prospective employers.

The information we are collecting will be used in relevant future training

 promotions. We are planning to send text messages out

manually for the time being but will be able to incorporate this

information into our future Training App which we are confident

will be up and running as soon as we have found

 a sponsor for it.





Customer Care Training for nine students




Practical role play session during training programme





Data Collection

Collecting information from residents




Our message to everyone is a simple one:


Knowledge Is Power


The More you Learn, The More You Earn!





Are you one of our 'Helping Hand Partners' yet?

If not, PLEASE consider becoming one.

R100 per month is all you will need.

It is easy and quick to sign up...





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Hout Bay, Cape Town

 South Africa