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COVID-19 Feedback and Thank You

Corona-Virus National Lockdown

First-time Waiter Training at Iziko Lobomi

Russian Volunteers Enjoying Themselves

Exciting Expansions at our Learning Centre






    In the NEWS  






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COVID-19 Feedback & Thank You



HBCCA Governing Committee

About Us


We have been prepared by the Government that coming to grips with this virus pandemic will be a long process and that there are no shortcuts or quick fixes.

According to the latest Lockdown Levels, no public gatherings will be permitted in any of the three remaining levels. In other words, no public meetings at Iziko Lobomi will be  allowed till the country has been declared safe for normal 'business-as-usual'.


The lockdown is already having a negative impact on our income. Our average monthly income from our office for hall bookings, conference room rentals, small-trader fees and office services is approximately R6,000.

Our private individuals and supporting churches are currently our only source of income which we are enormously grateful for.

You are literally keeping Iziko Lobomi's doors open.


Thank You Very Much! Enkosi kakhule!



Are you one of our 'Helping Hand Partners' yet?

If not, PLEASE consider becoming one.

R100 per month is all you will need.

It is easy and quick to sign up...



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Corona-Virus National Lockdown


Just like everyone else in South Africa and the rest of the world,

the HBCCA and Iziko Lobomi are also experiencing the

 devastating effects of the Corona virus.

With this video we would like to wish all our dear friends

 and supporters God's hand of protection and care in

these difficult times...








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First-time Waiter Training at Iziko Lobomi





Right from the inception of Iziko Lobomi the aims were clear for

 the purpose of the facility:

(1) To be a venue for local churches to conduct their meetings

and services and

(2) a venue for Adult Training.

Through the years Adult Training opportunities were always high

on the HBCCA's list of priorities.

This latest training course 'Professional Server Training' is

 again a good example of the unique opportunity given to men

and  women in Imizamo Yethu to be able to attend an

excellent training workshop, right on their doorstep.

Four women and two men were given the opportunity to earn

valuable Certificates in a field that has many attractive

opportunities for employment.

Few jobs can be so exciting as serving guests in dining

establishments. The opportunities for persons with waiting

experience are countless - from serving guests in a family

 bistro to serving guests in a top end, fine-dining

restaurant or on a luxury cruise liner.




'Good evening, my name is... ;-)'




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Russian Volunteers Enjoying Themselves





During February we received an unexpected request from a very

friendly group  of young Russian men and women to do some

 volunteer work in the IY community.

We are used to taking care of volunteers and gladly agreed

to accommodate them. Bridgette from our office took care

 of them, helping with advice, direction and even accommodation

 for one night! The plan was for them to sleep in people's homes

in the community but they were not successful leaving

Bridgette to make a plan, very quickly!

There was a heat wave in Cape Town at the time and she had

no other choice but to let the six men sleep on the floor,

in the Visitors Room where luckily for them,

an air conditioner is installed.

It was a super exhausting time for Bridgette but a great

 experience. Before they left after a week, they donated

 money and four brand new entry-level laptops

and printers to the HBCCA!





Spasibo Druz'ya!

(Thank you friends!)






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Exciting Expansions at our Learning Centre




The Learning Centre started the New Year on a high note, thanks

 to Gartner SA's funding of four additional desktop computers.

The Learning Centre now has six computers available for online


This was also the beginning of our fulltime Learning Centre

facilitator, Asiphe Krishe. Asiphe was part of the previous

year's Gartner YES Programme. She is a bright mother from

 the local community who loves computers and teaching students.

 She is a real entrepreneur with lots of energy and new ideas.

We couldn't have wished for a better person to look after our

Learning Centre. Asiphe is assisted by a very keen man,

Joseph Msolo who supervises students in the evenings from

18h00 - 20h00 during the week.

Both Asiphe and Joseph's positions are also funded with

Gartner SA  funds channelled through TeboComputers,

a facility at Iziko Lobomi  with 12 computers where literacy

 training is given to school children and adults.

Not in their wildest dreams would the founding members have

 visualized 25 years ago that a facility of this significance

 would be operating  at Iziko Lobomi one day.

Gartner SA is blessing this community in a way that

cannot be measured.

Thank you Gartner SA! Enkosi Kakhule!





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Are you one of our 'Helping Hand Partners' yet?

If not, PLEASE consider becoming one.

R100 per month is all you will need.

It is easy and quick to sign up...





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Hout Bay, Cape Town

 South Africa