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Two Sad Losses in One Month

Blossoming Iziko Learning Centre

COVID-19 Update (March 2021)

Community Upliftment: Elephant Facelift Final Phase 2

First School Year for Caretaker's Son





    In the NEWS  








Two Sad Losses in One Month




Archbishop Nicholas Ndude






We reported about the worsening condition of  Archbishop Nicholas Ndude in our December News. Archbishop Ndude succumbed to his illness on the 15th of December 2020.

The news of his death was not unexpected but was received with much sadness. Arch Ndude was one of the Founding Fathers and esteemed Board Member of the HBCCA Executive Management Committee.

The following eulogy was written by Lesley McCall, Chairperson HBCCA:

Nicholas was a beloved and respected member of the community of Imizamo Yethu and will be greatly missed by his family, friends as well as colleagues on the Board of the HBCCA with whom he served for many years. His loyalty and dedication to the wellbeing of Iziko Lobomi, and all that it offered to both the adults and youth of the community, were exemplary.  His wisdom and sage advice will be sorely missed.  Our consolation as fellow believers and followers of Jesus Christ is that we will meet with him again one day.  Our sincere condolences lie with the Ndude family in their loss.

  Let the beloved of the LORD rest secure in him,

for He shields him all day long,

and the one the LORD loves rests between

His shoulders.








Queenrose Mketo






Archbishop Griffiths Mketo, Vice-President of the HBCCA, lost his wife unexpectedly on the 15th of December 2020. They both retired from their jobs during 2020 after working on a Private Estate in Hout Bay for almost thirty years.

The following eulogy was written by Lesley McCall, Chairperson HBCCA:

The Executive Management Committee, in one accord, extend our deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to Archbishop Griffiths Mketo, Vice-President of the HBCCA, on the untimely loss of his wife, Nocawe Queenrose Mketo who went home to be with Jesus in December 2020.

Our hearts lie with Archbishop Mketo, recently retired in October 2020 who was looking forward to facing his 'golden years' with his beloved wife. Queenie's husband having served on the Board of the HBCCA for almost 30 years proved her to be the epitome of patience and understanding throughout the years our committee convened, sometimes for lengthy hours at a time.  

As a wife, mother and so much more to those that knew her in Imizamo Yethu or who had the privilege to work alongside her, Queenie set a very high standard indeed.  Our thoughts remain with the Mketo family at this time.

 The Lamb at the center of the throne will be

their shepherd;

He will lead them to springs of living water.

And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.

 (Revelation 7:17)



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Blossoming Iziko Learning Centre



The Iziko Learning Centre is going from strength to strength and had their first public information and marketing event. The topic was

'Job Opportunities in Healthcare'

Tebo Backward, the owner of TeboComputers who are responsible for the management and running of the Iziko Learning Centre, opened the event with a summary of what was on offer at the Learning Centre and of the many students that already benefitted from the Learning Centre since it opened at the beginning of 2019.

Tebo's introduction was followed by a talk done by the local Hout Bay Clinic Manager, Landiziwe Mzukwa, on healthcare job opportunities for men and women at Clinics and Hospitals.

Her talk was followed by a presentation done by Learning Centre facilitator, Chumisa Mafalala. She went through all the Healthcare Certificates and Diplomas which could be studied on Alison. All these courses are available free of charge to students at the Learning Centre. The costs of these Certificates and Diplomas are carried in full by Gartner SA who are the sole sponsor of all the Iziko Learning Centre expenses (salaries, computer equipment, rental, etc.)

All attendees were invited at the end of the presentation to come and register as students, to choose their courses and to start with their training.

The event was closed off with drinks and snacks.

Similar events are planned for the course of the year during which different careers will be showcased.



Keynote speaker, Hout Bay Clinic Manager, Landiziwe Mzukwa explains to attendees the opportunities that exist in the health sector and the importance of candidates to prepare themselves academically before applying for vacant healthcare positions.

  Learning Centre facilitator, Chumisa Mafalalawo going through the different Alison Healthcare Courses on offer.

Two graduates from the Learning Centre showing off their Certificates and giving feedback of their studies they have done at the Centre this year.

Tebo and his two staff members at Incredible Connection after purchasing two new desktops (sponsored by Gartner SA) for the Learning Centre. This will now bring the total of desktops in the Learning Centre up to eight.

Joseph, Chumisa and Tebo taking a quick coffee break before heading back to Iziko Lobomi.




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COVID-19 Update (March 2021)






It was exactly a year on the 26th of March 2021 when the first 21-day nationwide lockdown in South Africa started. It is now one year later with more than 52,000 Covid-related deaths and still the end is not in sight. Everyone are anxiously watching the number of infections to see if we will also follow the trend in the rest of the world namely to also go through a third wave.

After the announcement of our President at the end of February 2021 that the country will move to Level 1, things started to slowly come back to normal at Iziko Lobomi again. More and more organisations and churches are booking the hall again for meetings and services. Strict Covid protocols are still followed and everyone using the facilities are doing their best to adhere to them.

One things everyone realises now, a year later, is that we need to be patient, learn to adapt and make the best of the current situation. There are no quick fixes and it will take a long time before some normality of the past will return. We are in the same boat as everyone else in the world and with perseverance, dedication and team-effort, together we will eventually overcome this devastating pandemic.












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Elephant Facelift - Final Phase 2




AFTER  ;-)










A Community Upliftment Project which we started as far back as 2017 has been brought to completion during March 21. Only funds specifically donated for HBCCA Community Upliftment Projects have been used for this project. This was one of our most ambitious Projects yet and the end result speaks for itself!

The difference it is making to this area is unimaginable. Very little developments of this nature is done in Imizamo Yethu by the Council who has been requested for help with this project on several occasions. Budget constraints made it unfortunately not possible for them to contribute towards this project.

We are already receiving very positive feedback from residents on how they appreciate and value the work we have done and the HBCCA is proud to be associated with this upgrade.













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First School Year for Caretaker's Son!





It was a big day for the Caretaker Nicholas, and his wife Zandile, when their son, Asikhunge Lennox Pere, attended his first day in Grade 1 on the 24th of February 2021. He managed to get in at the local Moravian Primary School, walking distance form Iziko Lobomi.

He is little boy with lots of potential and we are all wishing him a bright future!






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